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Sila is the brand that brings together the State of Qatar’s public transport modes into an integrated network. Currently it includes the metro, bus, tram and taxi.


Sila is the smart choice to lead a smart life.

Metro, bus, tram, and a taxi ride - it’s all Sila.

Al Mansoura
29 min (12.1km)
Walk to Al Meera/Al Arab Bus Stop - 250083 min0.3 km
Al Meera/Al Arab Bus Stop - 25008
Ride to Al Mansoura Metro StationMetro Link - M1155 min1.2 km
Al Mansoura Metro Station
Ride to Qatar National Library Metro StationMetro Green Line18 min10.3 km
Qatar National Library Metro Station
Walk to Qatar National Library3 min0.3 km
Qatar National Library

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